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Education, Education, Education …

For me, high-quality education is about giving all learners the ability to thrive, develop a broad range of skills for life, and enhance their repertoire of positive self-worth and belief in themselves and their abilities. Nurturing their talents, providing an effective environment to support wellbeing, and encouraging ‘stretch and challenge’ in every aspect of school experience lie at the heart of a dynamic and democratic educational climate.

An effervescent community of learners, including parents and staff, drives higher ambitions and supports greater progress. Therefore, I see it as our duty to create and provide more collisions with more opportunities for all students. Their ability to develop as unique individuals and as confident young adults should be drivers that awaken and enlighten decision making in all educational establishments.

Outside my office, this quote from John Dewey epitomises my thinking: “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”. It is such a privilege for me to lead Thorpe Hall School – a school that espouses honest values, strong morals, vibrant inclusivity and genuine all-round support and care.

I believe that Thorpe Hall School’s values and mission really do expose the emphasis and joy that real education should deliver. However, what they cannot do, is allow one to “feel” and gain a sense of the buzz and the genuine desire that pervades the corridors, playing fields, classrooms and other areas of this amazing school.

High-quality educational establishments should thrive on teamwork; they need to empower all stakeholders, uphold honest and open communication, and be learner-centred. They should be places where staff research theories of learning and try out new initiatives in their teaching. They should also be environments that support those soft skills our youth will need to create strong and positive outcomes and future success.

I am blessed to be a teacher. The gift of education is truly inspiring. There is no other career I would have chosen. I love every day at Thorpe Hall School.

Stephen Duckitt – January 2022