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Hortative Head

My Voice Matters at Thorpe Hall School

A guest blog from Mrs R Sheern and Mrs J Peterson on Student Voice at Thorpe Hall School. Amid this…

2nd Feb 2024
Your responsibility to instil responsibility

There seems to be a growing trend for children of all ages to be unable to accept that they are…

26th Jan 2024
AI in schools – embracing the change at THS

A guest blog from our Heads of English in Preparatory and Senior, focusing on the use of AI technologies to…

24th Nov 2023
How can parents support their children with AI?

Preparing our children for an AI-infused future is all about fostering understanding, promoting responsible use and nurturing a critical mind….

22nd Sep 2023
The benefits of learning a musical instrument

Playing a musical instrument has many benefits and can bring joy to you and to everyone around you. This article…

12th May 2023
Year 5 to Year 11 Curriculum at THS: Enrich. Extend. Empower.

At THS we want to develop character and resilience in our learners. We are focused on achieving this through a…

10th Mar 2023
What can we learn from fasting?

Fasting is practiced in various religions. Examples include Lent in Christianity and Yom Kippur, Tisha B’av, Fast of Esther, Fast…

24th Feb 2023
Your Digital Footprint

As we start a new academic term, I wanted to challenge you to ask your child what they understand by…

20th Jan 2023
Think Before You Ink

Growing up, this phrase must have been said to me a hundred times by teachers. True, I am rather old….

18th Oct 2022
What Does an Innovative Educational Programme Look Like?

A top-rated education is intrinsically associated with the individual, their individual needs and presenting each pupil, irrespective of their ability,…

30th Sep 2022
Safer not Safe Online Use: Listen to our children, and do not judge!

I want to outline some disturbing statistics before I reflect on some aspects. Teenage boys are the largest consumers of…

10th Jun 2022
Academic Resilience: Are You Helping Your Child To Develop It?

Resilience is all about active coping strategies. Resilience post-pandemic is defined by many researchers as how we coped in the…

20th May 2022
Growth Mindsets and Comfort Zones

  “All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney. Indeed, in order to…

11th Feb 2022
Education, Education, Education …

For me, high-quality education is about giving all learners the ability to thrive, develop a broad range of skills for…

11th Jan 2022