British Values | Thorpe Hall School


British Values

As a school that serves a broad community, we take our responsibility to promote community cohesion, generate respect for difference and individual rights seriously. We aim to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to function in a diverse society.

Our challenging and diverse curriculum encourages pupils to reflect upon their role as emerging citizens. We promote British values through:

  • Our clear mission and school values
  • A school council whose members take part in the voting processes
  • A geography curriculum that covers global citizenship
  • A religious education curriculum that teaches about the beliefs and practices of all major religious groups is woven through our PSHRE programme.
  • Promoting the rule of law throughout the school day, in assemblies and when dealing with behaviour.
  • Through tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs through personal, social, health and religious (PSHRE) education and themed weeks.
  • Raising awareness of discrimination is used to promote both mutual respect and individual liberty.
  • Adopting an inclusive approach to all our decision making.
  • Students are encouraged to explore and engage with the values promoted by the school.
  • The work of our student Antibullying Ambassadors.
  • The work and awareness created by our student-led ‘Pretty Tough’ group.
  • Our strong emphasis on supporting inclusion and diversity is also manifest in our core school values.