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Preparatory School 4-11

Preparatory Academic Excellence

Small Classes, Specialist Teaching, Focused Attention and Excellent Results

Pupils in Thorpe Hall’s Preparatory School benefit significantly from the focused attention they receive from our dedicated and conscientious staff, who strive to understand and meet the bespoke needs of every individual.

Our pupils love to learn. Lessons are stimulating and engaging and make excellent use of technology. We aim to develop an enthusiasm and passion for knowledge which will enhance progress throughout every stage of our pupils’ education and, indeed, every stage of their lives.

We are a fully inclusive school, committed to helping every pupil develop a broad range of academic skills through an exciting curriculum and challenging lessons – many taught by subject specialists, including some by teachers from our Senior School. We emphasise practical learning and problem solving, encouraging our pupils to be inquisitive, explore topics to gain greater understanding, and think for themselves.

At Thorpe Hall School, you can expect so much more than the standard National Curriculum. We extend and enrich our curriculum with many additional subjects such as French, Drama, Dance, Music and much more. Alongside that, we offer many thought-provoking and challenging projects to stimulate learning and overall development. This includes initiatives such as the First Lego League Robotics and Coding Challenge, The National English Speaking Union Debating Competition, and a broad range of Design and Technology focused projects such as the Goblin Kit Car, built by pupils working together, and raced at speeds up to 30MPH!

Every Preparatory pupil also benefits from our Skills Curriculum. From food preparation, first aid and DIY skills, to financial awareness and the safe use of AI, we equip children with an array of practical skills to help them in modern life.

Expect More at every step

Click on the titles below to find out more about the curriculum offered at each key stage.

Our provision in Reception goes way beyond the standard Early Years Foundation Stage expectations (covering Nursery – Reception). As an independent school, we work far ahead of the national curriculum, building on this framework with many additional learning and enrichment activities for every child.

In Reception, there is a balance of learning through play and adult-led tasks.  Children benefit significantly from specialist facilities and specialist teaching in music, French, and PE subjects and participate fully in the rich and varied life of our Preparatory School.

From the very beginning of their formal educational journey, Thorpe Hall provides Reception children with an extensive enrichment programme, specialist teaching and facilities, plus an array of trips and extra-curricular opportunities. All these aspects work hand in hand to offer an unrivalled start to their Preparatory education.

Pupils in Years 1 to 4 follow a broad curriculum focused on key English, mathematics and science skills.
Children learn best when engaged; these critical areas are weaved into broad and exciting topics, for utmost engagement and attainment.

Pupils thrive under the guidance of their dedicated teacher, who gets to know each child individually and understands how to bring out their best. In addition, pupils enjoy specialist teaching in drama, PE, music, Forest School and French, alongside an array of clubs and other learning opportunities.

This mix allows children to stretch and challenge themselves in the core areas, while also exploring and expanding their own unique talents and interests, meaning they can achieve and grow in confidence wherever their strengths may lie.


There is a significant ‘step up’ in Years 5 and 6, with an enhanced provision aimed at expecting, experiencing, and achieving more. Innovative programmes, diverse clubs, specialised teaching, bespoke learning spaces, and dedicated support guarantee that pupils have exceptional opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills, exceed their own expectations, and grow in confidence and independence.

Whether students are academically able or need extra support in some areas, our specialist teachers, form tutors and learning assistants work seamlessly together to provide tailored, individual support. As a result, all learners consistently outperform their own CAT4 projected progress. Ultimately, the unique provision in Years 5 & 6 at Thorpe Hall School gives pupils of all abilities a clear advantage for their next steps into Senior education.

Supporting the Individual

To meet the needs of all our learners, teaching across the school happens in a dyslexia-friendly manner. Moreover, every child makes sustained progress due to our small class sizes, specialist staff, and robust tracking systems. In addition, we have well-developed links to external agencies, a fit-for-purpose Learning Development Centre, where interventions take place, and our staff go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure all pupils achieve their full, individual potential.

Preparing for their next steps

Thorpe Hall has established relationships with the local Grammar Schools, and we have a long and distinguished track record of presenting candidates for the 11+. Pupils assessed (in Year 5) to be suitable for the examination receive free, additional support and coaching from Preparatory School staff so that they are well prepared and stand the best possible chance of success.


Our Prep School families often choose for their children to move on to our highly successful Senior School, where we attain excellent GCSE results and pupils consistently outperform predicted grades.

“Thorpe Hall School is fun, and children are challenged in all topics. Our Maths lessons are fast and exciting. The teachers always support me and help me.”

Year 6 Pupil

Learning to Love Literacy at Thorpe Hall School
At Thorpe Hall School, you will find a broad range of initiatives woven into the fabric of a whole-school approach to literacy. These begin in the Nursery and flow through to every year group. All have been designed to create independent readers and writers with the life-long skills needed to communicate effectively and acquire new knowledge.
  • Small class sizes and spacious facilities
  • ISA Award for Pupils’ Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Sunday Times Top 100 Prep School
  • Accredited Forest & Beach Schools
  • Extensive Enrichment Programme