Wellbeing | Thorpe Hall School

Preparatory School 4-11


Each and every member of our school community – from our pupils and parents, to our staff, governors and neighbours –  is unique, special, valued and heard.

Year on year, we receive recognition for our excellent work to support the mental and physical health and wellbeing of our whole community. Our award-winning programme underpins all that we do in every area of our school, and we work to continually strengthen and develop our support structures to help pupils thrive in today’s demanding and ever-changing world.

Every child is supported and encouraged to be their very best self, and to value and nurture their own happiness and wellbeing.  Staff are proactively supportive, as well as being there when there’s a problem, to ensure that our children are as happy and confident as they can be. We aim to ensure they are armed with the knowledge and skills to recognise and manage their emotions, and to cope when faced with unexpected challenges, upsets or set backs.

Happy children are learning children

Children who are happy are better learners and make better progress. It’s a simple fact. It is our job, in partnership with parents, to equip our children to navigate any obstacles that might crop up whether at home or school, so that they develop into resilient adults.

How do we ensure that our children are happy and resilient?  Our pastoral care programme will mean different things in different contexts; it might involve one-to-one counselling, guiding, reconciling, peer support, mentoring and nurturing of pupils mixed with promoting and supporting self-efficacy, healthy risk-taking, goal setting, negotiation, reflection, empowerment and a welfare network. It might be all these and more, but most importantly, it will be a blended approach unique to every individual child and family.

Thorpe Hall School has carefully created an environment in which pupils feel safe to push boundaries and challenge themselves. Annual events that focus on Wellbeing and Mental Health are established highlights of the school calendar, including Children’s Mental Health Week, World Kindness Day and Anti-Bullying Week.

You can find further information and resources for pupils and parents to support mental health and wellbeing here.

The Wellbeing Hub is a fantastic resource, available free to all Thorpe Hall parents, students and staff.  It is an invaluable source of information and support for our whole school community, and is relevant for parents of children of all ages from 2 – 18. Our students can also access the Hub directly from age 10+.

Benefits for parents include:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Online Parenting Courses
  • Access to Specialists Weekly Podcasts & Articles
  • Live Q&As
  • Q&A Library
  • Self-Care – to help young people find positivity, inspiration, good news & more
  • Careers Resources
  • Top Tips

When your family joins the school you will be given free, unlimited access to this fantastic resource.

  • Small class sizes and spacious facilities
  • ISA Award for Pupils’ Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Sunday Times Top 100 Prep School
  • Accredited Forest & Beach Schools
  • Extensive Enrichment Programme