Communication | Thorpe Hall School



When you join Thorpe Hall, you will be connected with the various tools we use to keep in touch.

1. The Parent Portal

Thorpe Hall’s Parent Portal houses all important messages, announcements, and activity information for your child in one place. This is used throughout Thorpe Hall, from Nursery to Year 11.

Visit the Parent Portal here

2. An Insight into Daily Life – Pre-Prep and Preparatory School

In Pre-Prep and Prep, our staff use an app called Class Dojo to share Nursery and Classroom news and reminders, and give you daily updates and pictures on the activities and learning your child is enjoying. You will be connected with your child’s Class Story feed on this app.

3. Home learning – Senior School

In Senior School we use an app called Satchel:One to manage home learning. Parents are encouraged to register for this app and connect with their child’s student account, where you can see timetables, homework and deadlines in one place. This is also where we publish behaviour and achievement points.

4. Online Payments

Thorpe Hall School is a cashless school. Should you need to make payments for trips or resources, we will direct you to our online payment service, ParentPay. Please note, your termly fees, lunches and wraparound care charges are invoiced on a termly basis, and are not currently payable through this service.

Go to the ParentPay website here

4. General information and updates

Our website is a great source of general information. The FAQ page is a good place to start.

We regularly post pictures, videos, updates and news from across Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior School on social media, so do feel free to follow us at or

Our PTA, called Froth (Friends of Thorpe Hall) has a Facebook group exclusively for current parents and staff of Thorpe Hall School. We encourage all parents to join the group: