Wellbeing | Thorpe Hall School

Nursery 2-4


Our pledge to you is that your child will be cared for and nurtured in a safe, stimulating and happy environment, being given opportunities to develop the social and life skills needed to thrive, both now and in later life. Their safety and wellbeing is our overarching and unfaltering priority.

  • Each child in our Nursery has a key person who is responsive and caring, and who is familiar with their individual interests and needs.
  • Our staff and children form strong bonds, with lots of positive interactions.
  • Small classes ensure our Nursery children feel safe and secure, both here at school and while on outings.
  • Our days are well structured with familiar routines and opportunities for child-led and adult-led learning.
  • The children enjoy nutritious food and are encouraged to make healthy choices.
  • Our Nursery staff are fully qualified and continually reflect on best practices.
  • We work together with parents to keep them informed and involved in their child’s progress through a daily update, our online communication platforms and digital learning journals.

You can find further information and resources for pupils and parents to support mental health and wellbeing here.

The Wellbeing Hub is a fantastic resource, available free to all Thorpe Hall parents, students and staff.  It is an invaluable source of information and support for our whole school community, and is relevant for parents of children of all ages from 2 – 18. Our students can also access the Hub directly from age 10+.

Benefits for parents include:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Online Parenting Courses
  • Access to Specialists Weekly Podcasts & Articles
  • Live Q&As
  • Q&A Library
  • Self-Care – to help young people find positivity, inspiration, good news & more
  • Careers Resources
  • Top Tips

When your family joins the school you will be given free, unlimited access to this fantastic resource.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development | Nursery and Reception classes.

  • Small class sizes and spacious facilities
  • ISA National Award for Excellence & Innovation in Early Years
  • Accredited Forest School
  • Accredited Beach School
  • Specialist Teaching in Music, French, PE