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Are you an Old ThorpeHallian?

We are always thrilled to hear from Old ThorpeHallians and to keep in touch with our alumni community. If you are a former pupil or staff member, please do let us know where you are, how you’re doing and whether you are still in contact with pals or colleagues from your days at Thorpe Hall School. Contact our Communications Officer Suzi Welch on 01702 582340 or email

Have you seen the Archive Gallery?

We have started a digitised archive of old school photos, newsletters and other great memorabilia. You can view it here.

Do let us know if you have anything to contribute to the archive. You’ll be sure to get it back.

Would you like to hear from us?

To receive news and details of upcoming events,  please email our Communications Officer Suzi Welch on

Keep up to date with life in school today  – visit the Thorpe Hall School Facebook Page here