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2022 GCSE Results

A Record-Breaking GCSE Performance from Thorpe Hall School Students

The 2021/22 Thorpe Hall cohort of students has achieved unprecedented GCSE Value Added results in this year’s written examinations, with students significantly outperforming predicted grades and setting a new record for the school.

A school’s Value Added score measures how well each pupil does at GCSE compared to predictions generated by nationally recognised tests in Year 7. Thorpe Hall School’s Value Added score this year was 1.14, significantly higher than any previously recorded outcomes.

Headteacher Stephen Duckitt commented, “I am obviously thrilled with this year’s results. They demonstrate how the school’s new emphasis on raising expectations and aspirations is already positively impacting students’ attainment and progress.”

Additionally, Thorpe Hall’s latest results indicate that all grades achieved (for all students in all subjects) were, on average more than one entire GCSE grade above their predicted grades. Indeed many subjects recorded remarkable Value Added outcomes, 12 subjects achieving outstanding Value Added averages of over 1.4.

Mr Duckitt continued: “I’m extremely proud that Thorpe Hall is one of a select few UK schools able to report such high Value Added outcomes. From the outset of the last academic year, we’ve been very clear in our direction and intentions to ensure that all students, irrespective of ability, outperform in their GCSEs. This has clearly been the case this year, and we are delighted for our students and their families.”

The table below gives a comparison of how results have improved at THS this year:

Year               Value Added

2017/8                 0.75

2018/19               0.65

2021/22               1.14

*No external examinations were written in 2019/20 and 2020/21 due to COVID.

Mr Duckitt cites the school’s outstanding teaching and pastoral care provision, as well as a community of supportive parents who are very involved in their children’s education, as important factors contributing to students’ success. Thorpe Hall has also implemented a broad framework of new initiatives over the last 12 months, including:-

  • An enhanced Learning and Teaching initiative
  • A new raising standards agenda
  • A new GCSE flightpath with higher expected grades for all students
  • Extensively enhanced pastoral and wellbeing initiatives
  • Small GCSE class sizes with over 19 GCSE options to choose from enabling a bespoke pathway for each learner

Thorpe Hall School recently announced the launch of a new Grammar Plus stream, starting in Year 7 in September 2023. Prospective parents will be interested to note the outstanding Value Added students have achieved. This will further support Grammar Plus students at Thorpe Hall School to significantly exceed their GCSE targets and expected grades.

Mr Duckitt concluded that he is heartened that Thorpe Hall’s students and the staff have been rewarded for their enormous dedication, commitment, and ‘graft’ over the last two disrupted years to ensure that the GCSE cohort of 2021/22 have been such ‘record-breaking stars’.