This page outlines information for parents about Thorpe Hall School’s response to Covid-19 and the current government legislation and guidelines. It also provides links to other useful references and resources.

On January 5th 2021, the Government instructed all primary schools, secondary schools and colleges to move to remote learning for all pupils, except for the children of key workers and vulnerable children. While children are still very unlikely to be severely affected by Covid-19, the government recognises that schools must be included in the restrictions in order to minimise transmission. Therefore, Thorpe Hall School is currently open for the children of key workers and vulnerable children only.

Although the Government currently permits Early Years settings to operate, Thorpe Hall has taken the difficult decision to close the school’s Nursery during this period of national lockdown, to all except children of key workers and vulnerable children. The closure follows a thorough risk assessment which highlighted concerns from school governors and the senior leadership team regarding safety for both children and staff. All Nursery parents have been informed and the school is monitoring the situation closely.

Yes; you need to email the school and a member of the leadership will get back to you to make the arrangements. All pupils must be tested for Covid-19 before coming into school for the first time. For Lower School pupils that means being tested at your local Community Testing Station; Upper School pupils can be tested in school.

Even though your child is not attending school, it would be useful for us to know if he/she tests positive.

The school has developed an extensive home learning programme covering a broad academic and co-curricular curriculum across all Key Stages. It is underpinned by the smart use of technology, the best educational apps and effective use of collaborative working platforms. Live lessons and ‘Cameras-On’ sessions have been introduced this term to enhance engagement and create more opportunities for social interaction for our pupils. Find out more here. (link to the home learning page)

School fees remain payable and are due on the first day of term.

The Government has stated that schools are to remain closed until mid-February, with the possibility that these measures could be extended further. This means that pupils will be learning from home until at least February half term.