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At Thorpe Hall School, we recognise that the fast-changing world of work has put an even greater demand on our young people in making a successful move from education to employment. We aim to facilitate a smooth transition and provide all students with excellent opportunities to explore all options and to make the very best choices for their future.

Building on our strong foundations, we are working towards becoming a school with an outstanding careers provision across all year groups and developing a high-quality careers programme that we can be proud of and one which will open doors for our pupils whether they are transitioning into sixth form or into vocational paths.

On this page, we highlight some of the resources that we think parents might find useful. There is a huge amount of information available out there, though, so if you are looking for something in particular, please do get in touch. Email

The Parents’ Guide to Post-16 Options

Available from The Parents Guide website are these Interactive online guides. They provide parents with up-to-date information on what choices are available after GCSE. Should they stay at school, go to college, take an apprenticeship or start a job with training?  Visit

InvestIN Immersive and Unique Careers Experiences for 12 to 18 Year Olds

InvestIN is a UK company delivering immersive career experiences to students aged 12-18. Their goal is to create the ‘ultimate work experience’ through interactive simulations, site visits, seminars, networking sessions, and career coaching guidance.

The programmes are not free. Fees charged vary depending on the programme, but Thorpe Hall pupils can use the bespoke code, THORPEHALL, to receive a 10% discount across any of the programmes. To use the code, add it at check out.

There are some incredible opportunities for experiences and internships in almost every field, including Computer Science, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Filmmaking, Journalism – and many, many more.


Start the Conversation at Home

It’s never too soon to begin careers conversations, and this worksheet is a great place to start. It is something for KS3 pupils and their parents to do together at home.