Reasons to be proud (part 2)

Part of the job of every Headteacher is to monitor constantly the school’s performance as a whole and plan for continuous improvement. So it is extremely useful when, every 6 years, a team of objective, experienced peers – often serving Headteachers from other independent schools, visit to inspect the school. The framework used by the Independent Schools Inspectorate to make judgements about schools runs parallel with Ofsted and is approved by the Department for Education. This document summarises a very encouraging and glowing inspection report that genuinely recognises the strengths of Thorpe Hall and our many achievements since the last inspection in 2008.

If I was to pick out three extracts from the report that most capture the spirit of the school they would be these:

  1. Pupils are polite and courteous at all times. They clearly show great respect toward other pupils and adults and they display confidence without arrogance. Behaviour around the school is exemplary at all ages and allows pupils to feel secure and flourish.
  2. The curriculum is highly imaginative and flexible and suits each pupils’ needs. It is teeming with opportunities that enable the school to fulfil its aims.
  3. Staff provide highly effective guidance and support for pupils. Excellent communication and a clear structure ensure that the pupils’ concerns can be quickly dealt with. You can find a link to a summary of the report on the front page of this website.