Early Years Attainment

The enriched Lower School curriculum provides a wealth of opportunity for pupils to develop their independence, grow in confidence and become motivated, successful learners. Pupils receive specialist teaching supported by the very latest innovations in education.

The attainment levels of Thorpe Hall pupils at the end of their Reception Year (as measured against 17 Early Learning Goals in all schools across the country) have far exceeded the national average by a substantial margin. 90% of our pupils achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD) in 2018, compared to 71% nationally.

Year Group Thorpe Hall GLD National Average GLD
2019 90% TBA
2018 90% 71%
2017 88% 70%
2016 82% 69%
2015 81% 66%

Children are assessed against 17 Early Learning Goals (ELG) at the end of their Reception Year. A Good Level of Development (GLD) is attained where children achieve the level expected in the key areas of learning – Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, and in the specific areas of Maths and Literacy.

The 11+ Examination

Thorpe Hall has established relationships with all the local Grammar Schools and we have a long and distinguished track record of presenting candidates for the 11+. Those pupils assessed (in Year 5) to be suitable for the examination go on to receive additional support and coaching from Lower School staff so that they are suitably prepared.

90% of pupils assessed by the School as being suitable candidates passed the 11+ examination in 2019. Those pupils represented 27% of the whole year group and have gone on to continue their studies at various local Grammar Schools.

From the age of 7 children are automatically part of a two-stage programme that prepares them comprehensively for gaining entry into the High Schools. Teaching for the 11+ starts in Year 4 and all pupils are taught Further Maths and Further English to complete this early preparation stage. At the beginning of Year 5, parents receive a report on their child which contains a number of test indicators about their child’s ability and attainment. Using this information, parents and carers can make well-informed decisions on whether or not they wish their child to be considered as a candidate for the exam in the second and final preparation stage. In Year 5 prospective candidates receive extra and differentiated homework as well as discretionary membership of the 11+ club which meets after school.

Our 11+ Programme is thorough and effective. It confirms our commitment to helping each child succeed and continue their education on their chosen path.