School Plus +

School Plus + is a supervised homework scheme for Years 10 and 11 and takes place five evenings a week. The scheme is designed to support and accelerate learning in the all important run up to GCSE.

In our experience many young people find independent study very hard. Working at home has many distractions and time spent at a computer in a bedroom or living room does not always equate to effective learning being undertaken. We feel pupils studying at GCSE level benefit hugely from being given formal homework and study time – time when they are free from distractions, able to access support if they need it and with targets to complete within a time span.

During each session there are a number of ‘Open Classrooms’ in which pupils benefit from subject-specific support from teachers while they do their homework or further study. Alternatively, there are rooms and ICT suites in which pupils can do general homework, again supported by a teacher.