A sample of some of our most recent testimonials received from pupils, parents and alumni:

“We were looking for a school that would properly recognise our children as individuals with their individual strengths and abilities; one that could provide the facilities and education needed to meet the challenges of a modern world. We have found that here at Thorpe Hall. It is an exceptional school.”
Amanda Rimington-Cross, Parent. (Upper School)

“My husband and I couldn’t wish for a better Nursery than Thorpe Hall’s. Our son’s day can include anything from baking and learning French to Yoga!  The exceptional curriculum they provide means he is always developing and learning in a fun and active environment.  Most notable though is the enthusiasm shown by each member of staff. They are all deeply committed to caring for the needs of all the children, and our son just adores every minute he spends there.”
Catherine Waters – Parent (Nursery)

“The ethos of the Lower School and the combination of learning and enjoyment makes Thorpe Hall the perfect place for our children. We have constantly been amazed at the complexity of the work undertaken at such an early age, and also the ease with which he seems to understand and deal with the tasks.  Our son has flourished here, and people are always commenting on his maturity and also his manners, for which the School must also take some of the credit.”
Jon Gorridge – Parent (Lower School)

“There was a fantastic balance between academics, extra-curricular activities and personal development. The highlights of my time there were the many different and unique opportunities it gave me. These included interesting trips such as skiing in America, and I was even entered into a debating competition which saw me visit 10 Downing Street and meet then Prime Minister Tony Blair at the age of 11. Thorpe Hall was both a fun place to learn, and it set me up very well for life beyond it.”
Flt. Lieutenant Robin Gould (Alumni)

“Thorpe Hall helped me find my potential in all areas of my life and with my teachers’ support and encouragement I got into Cambridge. My strongest memories are of the trips, shows, music and sport. The school gave me a powerful sense of belonging and loyalty and not many schools can claim that.”
Holly Hampton (Alumni)