Welcome Back Thorpe Hall School!

There was a real ‘buzz’ at Thorpe Hall School this week as children flocked back to their classrooms and Headteacher, Andrew Hampton welcomed the whole community back to school at the start of the new term.

In his first message to parents Mr. Hampton said:

“A huge welcome back from me, to the Autumn Term. It feels like an age since we were all last in school properly and it has been wonderful to greet all the returning pupils, eager to get on with their learning and friendships again.

I’d like to congratulate and thank my management team and site staff for the amazing amount of work that went into preparing the site to be as Covid-safe as possible. Thanks also to the communications team for the ‘Covid plan’ and all teachers and other staff who have had to do more planning and in different ways to make it all work. We will adjust as we go along and hope to get things as right as possible as soon as possible.

A fascinating piece of research crossed my desk earlier this week. A group from Cambridge University found that both boys and girls who were able to resist their traditional gender stereotypes did better in their English and Maths GCSEs. Those stereotypes included aggression and risk-taking for boys and interest in appearance and domesticity in girls. This feeds into the emotional literacy programme that will be developed across the school this year.

This year is going to be exciting and we will continue to innovate and progress as much as ever”.