Sweet Reunion for Year 7 Pupils and their Former Teachers

Year 7 pupils reunited with former Headteacher Matthew Badcock from Earls Hall Primary School
Year 7 pupils reunited with former Headteacher Matthew Badcock from Earls Hall Primary School

Thorpe Hall School’s New Starters Reunited with Former Teachers

Pupils were reunited with their former teachers this week at a special occasion for Year 7 new starters who joined Thorpe Hall at the start of term from other schools. Over afternoon tea, pupils spent time with former teachers, showed them around their new school and shared their experiences of settling in.

Headteachers and staff from 10 Primary and Prep schools around the area, and from as far away as Epping, attended the event. Among the guests were Matthew Badcock, Headteacher of Earls Hall Primary School and Steven Tompkins,  Headteacher of St Michael’s Preparatory School.

Matthew Badcock said: “I was delighted to accept an invitation from two of our former pupils to visit them at their new secondary setting. I was greeted by them, given a guided tour of Thorpe Hall and we enjoyed a smashing afternoon tea together. It was great to see our former pupils so settled in their new school, and I left feeling very proud of them”.

Steven Tompkins added: “It was lovely to see all our former Year 6 pupils looking very happy and confident, and it is clear that they are really enjoying Year 7 at Thorpe Hall. Thanks to everyone involved in organising the event”.

The reunion was the idea of Jo Hill, Head of Year 7 at Thorpe Hall School. “The event provided a great opportunity for colleagues to see how their former pupils are settling in here at Thorpe Hall,” she said. “I know the children found it very reassuring to have continuity and contact with familiar faces as they make the transition into Senior School. It was a lovely afternoon and will be hosting it again next year, having seen how many positives it has for pupils and teachers.”